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Find Aunt Arctic

We currently track Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin. Want to know where is Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin now? Visit our “Club Penguin Official Aunt Arctic Tracking Thread” here on our Club Penguin Insiders forum! Make sure to read all of the cheats below so you know how to use the Aunt Arctic Tracker correctly.

If you see the room listed and log in to Club Penguin and she isn’t there, Aunt Arctic may have simply moved rooms (and are likely still on the same server), so be sure to refresh the tracker to see the new cheats location, as it can change second by second!

If the tracker says “Offline”, it means that our tracking systems are currently offline, but Aunt Arctic may be online. Finally, if the server name has “SP” after it, it is a Spanish server. If it has “PT” after it, it is a Portuguese server and if it has “FR” after it, it is a French server! Usually, it won’t say anything, so the default is English. If it tells you that it’s a foreign server, just select the language at the top of the page on Club Penguin and find the server!

Aunt Arctic Trackers [Refresh Tracker]

 Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker 2013

Official Meeting Times for Club Penguin Hollywood Party

These are official meeting times given out by Club Penguin and Aunt Arctic is guaranteed to be on these servers at these times. This is your best chance to meet her!

  • Thursday, Feb 21st
    • 9:00 AM PST – Husky
    • 1:00 PM PST – Wool Socks
    • 2:00 PM PST – Big Foot
    • 5:00 PM PST – Avalanche
  • Friday, Feb 22nd
    • 7:45 AM PST – Iglu (German)
    • 5:00 PM PST – Arctic
  • Saturday, Feb 23rd
    • 2:00 PM PST – Abominable
    • 5:00 PM PST – Belly Slide
  • Sunday, Feb 24th
    • 9:00 AM PST – Abominable
  • Monday, Feb 25th
    • 8:15 AM PST – Gletscher (German)
    • 10:00 AM PST – Avalancha (Spanish)
  • Tuesday, Feb 26th
    • 5:00 PM PST – Sabertooth
  • Wednesday, Feb 27th
    • 8:15 AM PST – Eiszapfen (German)

Room and Server

Aunt Arctic most frequently visits: Frozen, Mammoth, Snow Cone and Blizzard. Although she still can come on other servers. She tends to visit more popular servers. During the Penguin Play Awards she was most commonly found Backstage. Then look in the Dock, Stage and Plaza During this year’s 6th Club Penguin Anniversary Party 2011, Aunt Arctic has mostly been spotted in the Book Room!

Player Card Cheats

auntarcticplayercard Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker 2013When you meet Aunt Arctic you can click on her to open her player card. You will know it is her as her character will be making a pose. You can receive a free Aunt Arctic Background by clicking on the gift icon on her player card. The gift icon is the one on the far left.

Help out

So you want to help out all your fellow penguins and track Aunt Arctic with the Club Penguin Insiders team? If so, please join our free forums here at CPI! Register now and let the tracking begin!